Who Invented The Abacus?


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The Abacus counting machine originated for about 5,000 years ago. For that reason, it's not easy to determine whose idea or who exactly invented it. However, based on the artifacts recovered, the Abacus counting machine came from Chinese people. It is composed of beads and wood and conveniently designed so it can be carried around its owner easily. The Abacus became a very useful tool to its owner that it has spread around different countries in the world like:

  • Mesopotamian

During 2700 BC - 2300 BC, the Mesopotamians saw the first appearance of a Sumerian Abacus. Sumerian abacus consists of tables of consecutive columns which surrounded the consecutive order of magnitude of their unique number system.

  • Egyptian

It is known that Egyptians uses pebbles to help them count properly. But archaeologists were able to find very old disks of different sizes that resemble an Abacus which could have been used as an easier alternative to help them count properly.

  • Persian

Sometime around 6000 BC, during the time of Achaemenid Persian Empire, Persians has started to use Abacus as they share and adapt different knowledge and invention with their surrounding countries like Rome, India and China.

  • Greek

The earliest archaeological evidence found that proves Greek also used the Abacus was dated back to the fifth century BC. Their Abacus were made of wood or marble and preset with petite counters in wood or metal for their proper calculations. It is believed that Greek saw the use of Abacus from Persians, Etruscan, Rome, and French before they started to adapt it into their lifestyle.

These are just some of the countries that have started to use Abacus in ancient times after the Chinese have invented it. Other countries that are also believed that have a history of using the Abacus are Rome, India, Japan and Korea.
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The abacus is really created by Mo Ti in China. He made it accidentally somehow....
It was created in 578 B.C.E during the Si dynasty.
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No one knows exactly who, but it was first used in China about 3,000 BC.
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The abacus is thousands of years old. Its inventor is unknown, but the
first ones were probably Sumerian, and appeared sometime in the period
from 2700-2300 BC. Use the link below to do a quick review of its
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Even though it is unknown who originally invented the abacus. Pope Sylvester reintroduced the use of the abacus in the year 1000.

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The chinese is one who invented it!
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The first manual calculating device was invented by Chinese in 450 BC which was named on its inventor G.K.Abacus.
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The abacus was first invented in ancient China and the inventor is unknown. Lee Kai Chen however did invent an improved version with a moveable decimal point, and this version takes his name.
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It's been debated whether the Mesopotamians (Babylonians) or the Chinese invented the abacus. Written by charlie
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Abacus is a Latin word which means Sand and it is the first real calculating device which is invented by the Babylonians between 1,000 BC and 500 BC.
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Abacus (first appearance: Mesopotamia, 1000 BC. First certain appearance in China: 12th century AD) The Babylonians invented it.

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