1.Which Layers Of The Earth Is Made Up Of Metals? 2.Name The Metals Which Make This Layer? 3.What Is The Name The Layer That Supports Life On Earth? 4.What Is The Name The Layer Which Is Made Up Of Molten Rocks?


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1. Core
2. Nickel and Iron
3. Crust
4. Mantle
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There are four layers of the earth Atmosphere, crust, mantle and core. Core is divided into two parts outer core and inner core. Core is the layer which is made up of metal. The outer core is made up of nickel and iron alloy and the thickness of outer core is 2300 km. The thickness of inner core is 1200 km and is made up of iron. The magnetic force is believed to be controlled by the outer core.

Atmosphere is the layer that supports the life on earth. Envelop of atmosphere surrounds the earth. It is mostly made up of Oxygen and Nitrogen, along with microbes, particles of dust and clouds. You may also find micro organisms in this layer of the earth.
It creates conditions that are suitable and essential for lives on earth. Atmosphere keeps earth secure from fatal radiations and various space matters.

You can know more about layers of earth on www.ecology.com or liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov.
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I do not know at all that is why I am asking you to answer my question
what are the layers of the made of?

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