What Do You Know About Crust, Mantle And Core?


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These are the three earth layers.

The Crust: This is the outermost layer. It is the thinnest of all the layers. The part of the crust under the oceans is called the oceanic crust. It is about 8 km thick. The crust under land is called the continental crust. It is approximately 32 km thick. It is mainly made of granite and basalt. The temperature at the depth of the crust is around 870 degrees Celsius. The top of the crust is of air temperature.

The Mantle: The mantle is below the crust. This is the thickest layer. It is approximately 2300 km thick. It is mainly composed on molten rock. The flow of this molten material is similar to the flow of thick tar. This flow results due to great temperature variance between the top and bottom of the mantle. The temperature varies from 870 degrees Celsius at the top to 2200 degree Celsius near the bottom.

The Core: The core of the earth is made of molten metal. There is an outer core and an inner core. The outer core is about 2300 km below the crust. It is around 1800 km thick and is made of nickel and iron. The inner core lies beneath the outer core. It is approximately 1024 km thick. The temperature and pressure here is so great that metals are squeezed tightly together. Temperature of the inner core is about 4981 degrees Celsius. The pressure in the inner core is about 3 million times the pressure at sea level.
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Earth crust is considered as the thinnest layer as it goes up to less then 20 km. Its shape is just like egg shell. In crust there is great variation in composition of rocks. continental masses goes up to thickness of 35 km whereas ocean crust is much thinner only up to 5 km. only in some cases in mountainous regions it goes up to the thickness of 60 kilometers.However the continental part that is stable has thickness up to 30 kilometers up till now geological studies and discoveries can only provide us information till 4 km and more then that.

Mantle covers almost 80% earth's volume. It is almost 2885 km thick shell rocks. It usually starts form the base of the crust to the liquid outer core. All we known about mantle is only by experimental data as well as different materials that are intruded into the crust below. The rocks that are normally found are Kimberlitic rocks in which diamond is present. They found at the depth of 200 kilometers within mantle.

Our earth consists of central core. It was discovered by seismological studies. The layer of core starts from the inner edge of the mantle and extends up to the center of earth. The temperature in core is form 3000 to 5000 centigrade.
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The crust is smallest in the deepest ocean, and highest on top of Mount Everest. It's height is from 8 to 65 kms.
There are two mantles (the inner and outer). The outer is the liquid molten and the inner is the harder molten. The Outer Mantle is 2900 kms high, whilst the Inner Mantle is 2220 kms high.
The Core is made out of SOLID IRON! It's 1200 kms high and is one reason for the Earth's gravity. On smaller planets, the gravity is weaker, because the Core is smaller. Whilst on bigger planets, the greater the gravity is, because the Core is bigger.

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