How Do You Get Ride Of Mustard Gas?


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Mustard gas is the name of a poisonous gas which was used as a weapon in the wars and combats. It was used as a chemical weapon in the First World War. This gas is not at all related to mustard in any way. It gets this name because it has an odour which is similar to mustard or garlic. Thus it is an oily liquid which causes several adverse effects like blistering, attacks on eyes and lungs as well as systematic poisoning in its victims. Mustard gas is a sulfide gas.

This gas is also known by other names such as HD, senfgas, sulfur mustard, blister gas, s-lost, lost, Kampfstoff LOST, yellow cross liquid, and yperite. There are no antidotes for mustard gas. You can get rid of mustard gas with the help of water to some extent because water has the capacity to detoxify mustard gas.

But remember that you should not put the mustard gases in any public reservoir or large source of water because it can cause several serious problems in animals living in water as well as contaminate it even for the use of human beings.

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