What Is The Purpose Of The Adam's Apple?


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So we know just where to whack them if they can't shut up about the ending of a movie, or what is going to happen next. Lmao roff
All I found was that the cartilage around the thyroid is angled and elongated more in male as a result of the vocal changes in the voice from puberty. There isn't really any service from the adam's apple other than the change in the male voice.
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As a visual aide for all females to know who to choose for a mate. If they don't have a adam's apple you can't procreate with them in the bonds of marriage in God's sight.or you could say it's a constant reminder to all women why they have pain with pregnancy.and a reminder to all men not to take anything from women that is not approved by the great physician.
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The Larynx (organ of voice) is responsible for the large bump in the neck called the Adam's Apple. It is  the same size in men and women until Puberty, when the men's becomes larger.  The larynx connects the Pharynx with the Trachea. That's all I know!
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It is there so everyman can start the day by saying " Oh, fu*k" when he nicks himself trying to shave around it in the morning.
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I agree with ya....tho I am not of that gender. I just hear it often enuff to agree with ya. Lol
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Well, of course, it was to share his "Adams" apple with Eve!

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