How To Install NAVMAN 520 Sat NAV Database?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
It is very easy to install a NAVMAN 520 SAT NAV. It is a GPS (global positioning system). This equipment is usually used in car and does not require any prior installation. Once you purchase your NAVMAN 520 SAT NAV, all you need to is, turn it on and follow the instructions.

Next, you should connect it your PC or laptop with a USB cable that comes with you NAVMAN 520 SAT NAV into your PCs or laptops USB port. Next, insert the CD that comes along with your NAVMAN 520 SAT NAV and transfer all the maps that you need. These maps are known as TomTom maps. You can also purchase TomTom maps online. After you have finished transferring the TomTom maps, place it firmly on the countertop of your car.

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