What Are The Examples Of Research Questions?


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Formulation of your research questions highly determines the outcome of your research. Your questions must be structured in a way that your respondents will give answers that allow you to come up with answers to the objectives of your research. There are different types of research questions that you can use in your research questionnaire. Types of research questions are grouped into: Descriptive, rational and causal questions.

Descriptive research questions are designed to help you get details about the topic you are gathering information on. For instance if you are doing a research on the BMW 3181 model, you can pose questions to help understand why a person would buy this car instead of any other model. An example of a question would be, what do you like about this car? Explain. This ensures that you get the answer to why people have chosen that car and a detailed report of how the car benefits the customer.

The other type of group of questions is called the rational questions. Rational questions are meant to compare the different opinions of people of different demographics. A good example would be when you need to find out the age group that appreciates a TV programme. You can ask the same question to people of different age groups so as to determine what age group the programme appeals to. A good question would be, Do you watch America's Next Top Model on CW and why?

The last group of questions is referred to as the causal questions which like the name suggests seeks to determine relationships of two variables. These questions employ the cause and effect notion. Causal questions are asked so as to find out whether a change in one factor affects the other factor. A good research question in this category would be, has the rise in fuel costs  affected you spending pattern and how? This will explain if the rise in fuel costs actually affects the spending patterns of people and how.

Remember that when you ask research questions, you should avoid those that can be answered using a yes or no. This type of questions do not get you as much information as you would want to find out.
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Types of Questions
There can be three basic types of questions that can be addressed by research projects. These are:
1. Descriptive. This kind study is designed mainly to describe what is going on or what already exists. Examples can include Public opinion polls seeking only to assess the number of people who hold various opinions.
2. Relational. This is When a study is proposed to look at the relationships between various, two or more variables. For example, A public opinion poll that makes a comparison of the proportion of males and females who say they would cast a vote for either a Democratic or a Republican candidate in the next presidential election. This sort of study would basically be studying the relationship between the two genders and their voting preference.
3. Causal. This is When a research study is designed to find out if r one or more variables causes or affects one or more variables depending on them. For example if a public opinion poll is conducted in order to determine if a recent political advertising campaign succeeded in changing preferences of voters or not, it would mainly be studying if the campaign ( which is the cause) changed the ratio of voters that would vote for either a democratic Democratic or a Republican candidate (which is the effect).
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My research focus is What resources are available to help teachers become affluent users of existing technology within their schools.
Is this a good question and / or how can I improve it?
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To examine the impact of bulling in four urban primary schools
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It depends upon your area of study and further more upon the subcategory of your study area in which you are interested. If you are a science student your research question will be entirely different from the one who is studying literature. So as far as I think, your question is incomplete. You should some specific area of study first and then it would be easier for every one to answer you.  If you are asking about general pattern of research question, I would like to give you a suggestion. Irrespective of the subject and the area of study, one has to keep a few things in mind for selecting a research question. I.e. The very first thing you have to keep in mind is that your topic must not be a general topic. I mean, the area of study must not be too vast as it you would have problem in encompassing whole of the area. You have to be specific in your research. For example, if you chose a question, which universities are considered to be world's best universities? You will definitely have problems in grasping the topic.  But if your question is: What are the reasons for Oxford University's popularity? You will be able to grip this topic quite easily. Similarly, always look for such a topic on which you would be able to find some books or references easily.
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CFC'S also destroy the atmosphere because the specific number of atom carried by the chlorofluorocarbon,stays there for about 2 centuries,or likely,200 years.

and also greenhouse effect,the solar power emitted by the sun is not absorbed by the solar powering machines. Because of high populated areas with greenhouse effect occurs,its much longer and riskier to plant a greenhouse because of it only reflects the solar power back.

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1. What kind of social software are undergraduates using?
2. How are they using them?
3. What are the benefits of using this social software?
4. What are the challenges of using this social software?
5. What impact have social software had on their life?
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Does using a highly rated science curriculum unit result in differences in elementary-middle-High school students’ goals, engagement, and learning when compared to a conventional or current science curriculum unit?
Are the relationships among goals, engagement, and learning different for elementary-middle- high school students after using a highly rated science curriculum?
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To what extend does attitudinal skills of Tourism and Hospitality Management University Graduates impacts the tourism sector of Jamaican Industry.
How can improve on this question?
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A cross cultural research question. I need feedback. How does location affect the relationship between mother-in laws and daughter-in laws? - How would I go about researching this? I know how to find books and journal articles...but I don't what the essay structure should look like.
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Well you need to be specific in writing a research questionnaire . I am going to give you starting stuff.

It is as under, hope it will be helpful to you in all regards. All the best!

To conduct research on the topic "GIS (Geographical Information System) and Environmental Status of UOP".

(1) Name: ………………………………………………………………….

(2) Gender:

1. Male
2. Female

(3) Age:

1. Below 20
2. 20-30 yrs
3. 30-40 yrs
4. 40-50 yrs
5. 50 and above

(4) Institution/Department/Employees/Resident: ………………………………………

(5) Marital Status:

1. Married
2. Unmarried
3. Other

(6) Education:

1. Uneducated
2. Below metric
3. Metric
4. Intermediate
5. Graduate
6. Masters
7. Above masters

(7) Income level:

1. No income
2. Below 5,000
3. 5,000-10,000
4. 10,000-15,000
5. 15,000-20,000
6. 20,000-25,000
7. Above 25,000

(8) No. of Dependents (if you are the Head of the family):

1. 0
2. Below 5
3. 5-7
4. 8-9
5. 10 and above

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