What Are The Sources Of Research Topic?


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For anything to be a topic there must be something that is unknown popularly known as ‘a knowledge gap.’ This assertion can therefore be a good guiding principle in searching for a research topic. There are several sources of research topics one can always draw upon depending on circumstances. First and easiest is the ‘areas for future research.’ This is normally found at the very end after conclusion in research-based journals, periodicals or any other research work. A second, one is a topical issue. When something has just happened, it offers great opportunity for research since not much is known about it. An example is the 7/11. The third sources are Policy objectives. This method offers a lot of virgin research areas.  For instance, policies are made daily and they always give objectives to be achieved in order to contribute to the said policy. One type of topic can be to investigate whether the set objectives were achieved or indeed if the set objective contributes to the policy at all.

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