What Is The Net Ionic Equation For Iron II Nitrate And Sodium Phosphate?


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  • The ionic equation for Iron II nitrate and sodium Phosphate
2FeNo3 + Na2PO4 = Fe2PO4 + 2NeNo2

  • Iron Nitrate and Sodium Phosphate
Iron nitrate is a chemical compound that is commonly found in crystal form. The crystals are either colorless or a pale shade of violet. The chemical equation for Iron Nitrate is FeNo3. Sodium Phosphate is the salts of sodium and phosphoric acid. Sodium phosphate is often used to preserve food in canned meat products. Sodium phosphate is also given to patients whose bowel is being prepared for a colonoscopy but it can cause damage to the kidneys so other medications have been developed as a replacement.

  • Ionic equations
Ionic equations are used in chemistry to show how chemicals react together. Ionic equations are written in a way which separates the ions so we can see where they are and they can be used for both single and double displacement reactions. They are written almost like mathematical equations because they are similar. When certain chemicals are added together they will produce a predictable answer that will always be the same. The chemical equation makes it easier to understand for chemists.

  • About chemical equations
Chemical equations were first developed in 1615 by Jean Beguin. The formulas took years to develop but show how certain substances react when they are combined. Symbols and formulas are used to represent the different chemicals and either side of the equation can be balanced against the other side of the equation much like a mathematical equation.
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The chemical formulas for iron nitrate and sodium phosphate are Fe(NO3)2 and (Na)3PO4. Iron nitrate reacts with sodium phosphate to yield iron phosphate and sodium nitrate. It is a double displacement reaction. The balanced equation for the reaction is;

3Fe(NO3)2 + 2(Na)3PO4 ------ > Fe3(PO4)2 + 6NaNO3

The net ionic equation for the reaction is;

3Fe+2 + 6NO3-1 + 6Na+1 + 2PO4-3 ------ > Fe3(PO4)2 + 6NaNO3

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