How Do You Dry Tulip Bulbs; And How Do You Store Them Over The Summer; And When Do You Replant Them?


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In order to dry tulip bulbs, you will need to take out all of the soil to prevent the bulbs from rotting, and plant this in a box with proper ventilation to allow air to circulate around the bulbs. Leave this in a garden shed, a cupboard, or a breezy but shaded part of your home as long as it’s not too hot. This is the best way to prevent killing them from the heat of summer. Once summer is ending, re-plant them in autumn and watch them bloom in spring. Do not water them because tulips are used to hot summers, and watering them can only cause them to rot.

Location is extremely important if you decide to grow tulips. Keep them in a part of the garden that has good drainage because soaked soil will contribute to their rotting. Also regularly inspect them for any pests which can hinder proper growth and bloom. If you decide to plant them in your personal border, group the bulbs in groups of 10 spaced by a couple of inches apart.

Once they are in bloom, there are also other things to remember when caring for tulips. Even if they are finished growing, they don’t have to be dug up so you can enjoy the color and beauty that they add to your garden. If you want to grow them again for the next season; cut the stems where they meet the ground. This prevents the flowers from seeding. Instead it will grow towards new blooms for next spring. Growing tulips successfully is a very rewarding endeavour, they are not as high-maintenance as compared to other flower varieties but surely with the proper care you can enjoy them year after year. Mixing them with other flowers adds lovely texture and color, no matter the size of your garden.
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To dry the bulbs dig them up take of all the dirt soil of as to stop the bulbs rotting. Then place them in an vented box so air can circulate around the bulbs. then keep them in the garden shed or house cupboard not in a hot place. Then re plant them in the end of summer into autumn they will come up next spring.

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