How Important Is Computer Technology In Education?


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This is a hotly debated topic with many people arguing computer technology is incredibly important in education while others claim it is a distraction and actually prevents students from thinking for themselves.

Ultimately I believe that education must prepare young people for the real world - and computer technology is an important element of life after school. It is all very well being an algebra whizz - but if you cannot operate a computer very well or pick up new technology, then you may struggle when it comes to getting a job.

These days computers have dictionaries, journals and encyclopaedias as well as other great resources and programmes to aid education.

I think the danger comes when children become too reliant on computer technology in education. For example, if a child does not know how to spell very well but relies on the Microsoft Word squiggles underneath words to highlight their mistakes. Similarly, some children may never perfect their handwriting because they are so used to using computers or laptops instead of writing by hand.

Computer technology can be very interesting in subjects like maths. There are so many projects and programmes available to make children think differently. Computer maths challenges and projects can really bring the subject to life - but computers can also be dangerous if a child is reliant on using the computer calculator from a young age instead of working out the sums themselves.

Personally, I think computer technology must play a role in education. It is important that our children are computer literate and confident with technology so they are not left in the dark ages, unable to compete with international students. However, it must not come at the detriment to other skills which are so important like reading, writing and mental arithmetic. If a child can type before he can write then it might be time to start worrying.
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The incorporation of information technology in the education sector is important to meet the challenges presented by new trends, especially with the global communication of knowledge. It is essential that the students become familiar with the concept and use of information technology in order equip them for future job market. Similarly, the faculty can achieve better quality in teaching methodology.

Information technology opens up prospects for a form for learning that can be customized to students. Using IT tools, such as multimedia, e-mail, presentation handouts, commercial courseware, CD-ROM materials, computer simulations, computer lab/classroom, www-based resources, teaching can be organized so that the pupils can themselves control the learning process. Educational courses, based on the learners' skills, can be designed in new and more effective ways.

A pool of information is globally available that enables teaching with real world situations, for example, a communication professor who teaches advertising requires students to locate various advertising agencies on the internet. The presentations are then critiqued according to the various principles taught in the course.

Collaborative activities among student can be facilitated using networked computer labs. Online discussion forums allow students to discuss topics specified by the instructor. Team projects can be completed where team members are located at different geographical locations. Thus education can be made available outside of working hours, on weekends and at remote locations.

Computer simulations are extremely useful, especially in scientific studies. Students can explore various facets of human anatomy by simulated dissection, learning how structures relate to one another. Visual tools enable students to better understand concepts.
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Computer Technology has introduced many of the tools which facilitate learning. For example use of computers and power point tutorials is the most common technique used by the teachers to teach the students in the class. Variety of computer softwares and application softwares can solve complex tasks such as microsoft excel allows the students to create large repository of data while employing various formulas and making graphs in couple of minutes. Various programming languages taught at the intermediary and secondary level such as BASIC, C, C++, Visual Basic etc allow the students to solve various complex problems which enhances their analytical skills. Various courses such as Management Information System, Information Technology for Business, Database Management Systems, E-commerce etc all heavily rely on computer technologies to equip the students with the knowledge and information of Computer Technologies.
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Very important, because computer can think faster than we can
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Millions of people use home computers for education and information. Many of the educational software programs are used by the children and adults in home. Edutainment programs specific geared towards home markets combine education with entertainment so they can compete with television and electric games.
Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, telephone dictionary, medical references, and other specialized now come in low-cost CD ROM version-offer with multimedia capability. More up-to-the-minute information is available from the internet and other online. Of course internet connections also provide E-mail, discussion groups, and other communication options for home users.
Most computer games simulations. The same technology that mesmerises us can also unlock out creativity. There are many examples. Word processors help many of us to become writers, graphics software brings out the artists among us, desktop publishing systems put the power of the press in more hands.

Black boards remove by the Multimedia presentations, laser light and so more new technology. Hand making assignments remove by Computer printing papers. Computer & new technology let suppose Internet, mostly use for searching different type of notes and each and every things through Internet, last years student have sufficient knowledge about their syllabus. But now after coming Internet they have to increase their approaches.
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They help us in education
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Some People think that because of e-mail and telephonic communication among people is less personal now.Are you agree or disagree?
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A similar question was asked on blurtit many times before. Computers have made possible the sharing of information very easy. With different softwares, we can process data very much efficiently according to our purposes.

Computers can store in large amount of data and can make it available to us in just a click.

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The Computer Technology is the only one which is ruling the
all fields with the day to day enhancement. It is the only technology, every
day new versions and innovations are coming to the market. All the departments
of education such as medical, engineering, business, fashion and more have been
computerized and the computer technology is being used.

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Because it can help us to search if whats that without help by dictionary or encyclopedia

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