What Is The Importance Of Computer Education In Nigeria?


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Computer education in Nigeria is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is an essential contributor to the development of Nigeria as a whole. Currently it has third world country status, and the majority of its citizens live in poverty. Many key thinkers believe the best way to improve living standards in an economy is by improving educational standards. Children and young adults should be taught the basics of numeracy and literacy, as well as computing. Computers and technology are essential if Nigeria is to catch up with the standards of developed countries.

Computers enable people to communicate all over the world, and you will seldom find a business that doesn’t use computer services. Of course, this is all down to the development of the Internet. For Nigeria to become a more prosperous place, it must trade with other countries worldwide. Although there are many elements to this which haven’t yet been fulfilled by Nigeria, educating its citizens in computer use will improve the country’s trade situation vastly in the future. Nigerian companies will have the ability to communicate with suppliers and buyers from around the world.

What’s more, computer education helps the children of Nigeria, most of whom have grown up in absolute poverty, see there is hope for improvements in their lives. Being taught to operate a computer will develop their confidence as well as their abilities. Some may be inspired by their new knowledge and go on to become Internet entrepreneurs, providing jobs to the local community. Although this is unlikely in Nigeria’s current situation, it could happen it the future.

For Nigeria to become a better place, its citizens must be shown the possibilities of the world. The best way to do this is by giving them the skills to use a computer and access the Internet.
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Computer can serve as a guide to Nigerian Education sector must especially in terms of examination, an individual will be on his or her system in order to avoid exam mal-practice and also there will be a tight security were every one will be watched.
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Computer education will lift Nigeria to an international standard if taken more seriously.
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Employment in the category of teacher, computor teacher for deaf students & office computor operator
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Am name is Joyce, the important of Computer education in our country Nigeria is very good,
one point is computer is easily to communicate, browser, charting sending e-mail from one country to another, ICT or Computer Education is good.


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