What Is The Importance Of Algae In The Food Chain?


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Being one of the simplest forms of creature, algae form the basic diet of many marine creatures. For one, they constitute an important proportion of plankton on which many sea animals, even some of the largest whales, also feed on. Secondly algae form the initial link of the food chain in the sense that the smallest worms and shrimps feed on algae. These worms and shrimps become the food of the small fish, which in turn, are eaten by the bigger fish. Thus algae form the foremost and most essential link in the food chain.

Algae have a close relationship with fungi; nevertheless there are some differences. For instance, like fungi, algae are not parasites by nature. In lieu algae have a pigment called cholorphyll (which gives all the plants their green colors), which is utilized by them to manufacture food, which becomes the basis of their survival.

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