What Is The Biological And Economical Importance Of Protists?


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Protists are very important in biological and economic point of view. They are useful in the following manners:
Source of food:
Some protests such as kelps are edible and may be used to overcome shortage of food in world.
Source of commercial products:
Many marine protests are also source of many useful substances like algin, agar, carrageen and antiseptics.
Primary Producer of Aquatic Ecosystem:
Most of the protests are primary producers of the aquatic ecosystem thus they play a basic role in food chains, providing food and oxygen to other organisms.
Source of medicines:
Sodium laminaria sulphate is used as a blood coagulant. Fucoidin and heparin are the algae products, which are also used as blood coagulants. Lyngbya produces an anticancer compound.

Source of mineral:
Kelps are rich in sodium, potassium, iodine etc. They are good source of these minerals.
Biological research:
Protists are also used in biological researches e.g. Chlorella is unicellular non-motile green alga.
Most of the organisms belongs to this group are pathogenic organisms. They cause many diseases in man or in vegetables and fruits like it cause late blight potatoes in potatoes and causes diseases in some fishes.
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Protists are important for food sakes
TV and radios, which I don't really know why. ( got from google )
And a lot of other reasons. And I am just learning this stuff in science so please don't get angry if I get any of this stuff wrong. I am just trying to be helpful to people who need this help like I do.

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