What Are The Major Challenges For Media Planners?


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In the gamut of media opportunities, there are several challenging prospects for media planners. The first challenge revolves around the contemplative phase where the media planner conducts a comprehensive appraisal of each medium and measuring its merits and demerits against the attributes of the brand and its marketing objectives. The medium showing a sound level of harmony with the marketing and advertising objectives becomes the media planner's choice for the brand communication tool.

Secondly the next challenge relates to the measurement of discrepancies between the language of the internal strategic research and the external media research. The greater the difference is, the harder and tougher the task becomes for the marketer as his initial research findings were in pure sync with the strategic intent, which is not incorporated by the mass media while they are illustrating their findings.

Another challenge for media planners is the dearth of information about some specific market segments, which could become a target market for any brand. This lack of audience data makes the task more daunting and painstaking as the marketer has to start from scratch to research the target segment with no signs of secondary data available.

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