Where Is Gold Found In Central Queensland?


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  Gold mining has been carried out in different parts of Queensland since the later part of 19th century. Around the Clermont area gold mining has been carried out in the Miclere, Cement Hill and Black Ridge areas. Assessment of the project by Gold Fields exploration proved that it will not be economically beneficial to and it was terminated. These areas had lead deposits too. Some big alluvial operations were carried out in Expedition Creek by companies such as Mount Gipps Ltd, Fingold Resources Pty Ltd, and Centfield Mining Ltd. These operations were carried out during late 20th century.

  Exploration was also carried out on Bathampton Creek in the year 1987 but the results only yielded 0.3g/m3.

  Gold mining work also progressed around Rockhampton (50 km from it) around 1858. Recently on Fire Creek and Spring Creek that are south of Rockhampton alluvial gold was mined and it was a high grade. The first gold was however found in Canoona which produced 1240kg of gold, other places were Morinish producing 37.7kg and Gavial Creek producing 123.7kg of gold.

  Some futile efforts were carried out at Gavial Creek but failed due to technical reasons and dearth of water.

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