What Is The Current Political Situation In Bangladesh?


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The current government of Bangladesh, which is an emergency government and had designated a plan to end the dysfunctional chaos prevailing over the political scene of the country, the very plan witnessed a failure resulting from a series of setbacks, as per the general opinion of analysts.

The initial plan to hold elections in Bangladesh by the end of 2008 were pledged to be promulgated successfully by the military-backed government after it has succeeded in bringing the phenomenon of democracy back on track and has removed all the roots of corruption and bigotry from the political dimensions of Bangladesh.

An unsuccessful effort towards this purpose was the attempt to send both the former prime ministers of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajid and Khaleda Zia into exile. Both of the ladies are political opponents and their overt hostility is the main cause of the political mayhem that has taken Bangladesh by storm.

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