What Is Impression Construction And Impression Motivation?


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Impression Management is sometimes referred to as
self-presentation. It is the process by which people try to manage or
control the perceptions formed by other people about themselves. Often
people like to present themselves in a socially desirable way and
impress others.

The other important component of impression is
impression construction. It refers to the methods adopted by a person
to create the specific impression that he wants. The impression may be
related to various factors such as personal characteristics, attitudes,
interests and values. Research studies in this field have indicated
that there are five factors that are particularly relevant to the type
of impressions people want to create – the self-concept, desired and
undesired identity images, role constraints, and the value of the
target and the current social image of the individual. Though
researchers have done considerable research in this field, they are
unable to determine how people select a particular way to manage their
impression on others and how the above factors influence the process.

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