What Are The Main Natural Regions Of The World?


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The natural regions of the world are as follows :

  1. Equatorial Region
  2. Tropical Grasslands
  3. Tropical deserts
  4. Mediterranean Region
  5. China Type
  6. British type
  7. Praries
  8. Temperate Deserts
  9. Taiga Region
  10. Tundra Region

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World has 12 natural regions physical divisions which are as follows

Hot Belt:

It lies roughly between latitude 0' and 3' north and the south of the equator with generally high temperatures.Polar region: It is Permanently ice covered region on the earth.  Polar region is popularly known as Arctic( North) and Antarctic( South) regions.

Tundra region:

There are two types of tundra: Arctic tundra (which also occurs in Antarctica), and alpine tundra. Tundra is almost devoid of trees.Moorland: Comprises of rocky surface. The main vegetation is short shrubs and tufted grass. Moorland or moor is a type of habitat found in upland areas, characterized by low growing vegetation on acidic soils.

Coniferous forests:

It is a terrestrial biome found in temperate regions of the world with warm summers and cool winters and adequate rainfall to sustain a forest.

Deciduous forests:

Naturally covered by deciduous forests areas are northeast USA, central Japan, north china and west Europe.  Steppes: One of the vast, treeless wastes of Russia, and parts of Asia. These are plains without trees (apart from those near rivers and lakes).

Prairie regions:

The central North American plains, extending over most of the regions between the Rockies on the west and the Great Lakes and Ohio river on the east and extending into Canada. Mediterranean Regions: South Africa and southern Australia are the main parts of this region. The vegetation is Oak, vine And wheat etc.

Savannah or tropical region:

The Savannah areas lie between desert and forest. More than one-third Africa is savannah. Rainfall of a short period in summer followed by along dry season.  Tropical forest: It is a region of great heat and moisture, with very luxuriant vegetation and high growing trees. Monsoon lands areas: The Monsoon land area comprises of India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indo China, Myanmar and part of Sri Lanka, the Philippines and North Australia. In these areas the rainfall is more than 40 inches and forests grow in abundance. Main crops in area are maize, cotton, sugarcane, indigo, tobacco, wheat, rice, millet, jute, of seed etc. Also densely populated.

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Five natural regions of the earth are mentioned below.
1. Tropical (equatorial) region
2. Sub-tropical region
3. Southern polar region
4. Northern polar region
5. Temperate region
You can see the pics of these region on the following links
Tropical region pics
subtropical region
Temperate region
North polar region
South polar region
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Natural regions of the world are referred to as regions that are naturally created when this world was formed. The natural regions of the world are the mountains, hills, plains and other related natural monuments. The natural regions of the world also include water bodies such as rivers, seas and oceans among many others. Europe is considered to be the continent with a lot of region occupied by nature. Europe has some of the most beautiful landscapes such as the Alps in Switzerland, Rysy mountains in Poland, Lake Bodom in Finland and Dettifoss which is considered to be one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world.

Europe is also a home for many endangered animals which need a natural habitat in order to survive such as red foxes, lynx, wild cats and many others.

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