What Are The Major Land Regions Of Russia?


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MOSCOW - Russia's capital, the country's largest city, the capital of the Central Federal District, the largest railway hub, the national political, cultural, and economic and traffic center. There is the famous Red Square and the Kremlin.
The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg - the country's second largest city, known as "northern capital", capital of the Northwest Federal District. Is located in the Baltic Sea coast, a comprehensive industrial center.
Smolny Yekaterinburg - the third largest national economy, the population the fifth largest city, the capital of the Urals Federal District. Located at the junction of Europe and Asia.
Nizhny Novgorod - the country's population the fourth largest city, the capital of Volga Federal District. Oka River and the Volga River at the junction of heavy industry city.
Novosibirsk - the country's population the third largest city, Siberia Federal District of the central city. Is located in the Trans-Siberian Railway and the junction of the Ob River.
Rostov - the capital of the Southern Federal District, located in the mouth of the Don.

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