Why Do We Study Physics?


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We study physics in order for us to generate the fundamental knowledge needed for the future and technological advances that will continue to drive the economic engines of the world.
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1, the physical discipline is the first door disciplines used tool disciplines and analysis of the problem of , it is the development of a person's logic analysis capability and a macro look at all things are laws.
2, the physical is synonymous of details of life.
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We need to study physics to know the branches of physics but not only to there branches but also to know the role of physics in a humans life..
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For my own opinion , we need to study the physics to know what is physics, the branches of physics . And but not the least to give some precise statement about the human being.
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It's cool and extremely interesting
no subject is important unless you you like it and take interest
you r not forced to study something that you don't like
if you r asking this question then it seems that you doesn't like this subject anf if you'd then you won't ask

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