What Are The Domains Of Physics?


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You would need to clarify what exactly you are asking before I can give an accurate answer. If you mean what are the main fields of study within Physics (and I think you do), the main areas include the following:

  • Astrophysics
    This is the study of planets, stars and galaxies and involves looking at the the universe. Within this branch of physics things such as electromagnetic fields and chemical composition will be studied.

  • Plasma
    This is the study of materials that have become so hot the electrons within them are no longer bound to particular ends but are free to move within the material. This is usually described as the ionized state of gases.

  • Particle physics
    This involves looking at the building blocks of what makes up different materials. For example it may involve looking at atoms and particles and how they interact with other materials.

  • Nuclear
    This area of physics looks at and studies the atomic nuclei of materials. It is within this field of physics that nuclear weapons can be developed and nuclear power can be generated.

  • Condensed matter physics
    This is the study of how atoms and particles within solids, liquids and other materials interact and react to each other within a very condensed surface area.

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