What Was The Effect Of The Greek Middle Class Society On Nobles?


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  The Middle-class in Greek civilization contributed vastly to their development in social,political and economic aspects.The major change was observed in Athens,the leading city of Greece.

  Politically,they had observed that they had no voice in the government and as the king lost his command the nobles took over the charge.In economic perspective,the majority of farmers belonged to the poor families and wheb\n they were unable to pay their debts ,they lost their land or sometimes,their freedom.In this context,the middle calss of greece ,which included Philosophers,Artists,Scientists and others,introduced new revolutionary ideas to the people,made wareness to the common man about their rights,discoverde new dimensions of thinking.Philosophers like Socrates,Plato and Aristotle influenced the political thinking of people.Writers, who criticised the present system through their writing skills ,included

  Aeschylus,Sophocles,Euripedes etc.Poets like Homer,Hesiod ,Pindar etc and Historians like Herodotus and Thucydides encourage the Greek individuals to fight for their rights.The influence of these revolutionary attempts produced noticeable change and they started demanding their rights.Responding to these demands, few Athenians nobles introduced following reforms.It was now that all laws in Athens were arranged and in written forms.This was done in the era of Athenian ruler ,Draco in 621 B.c. SOLON,another ruler revised these laws and reforms were adopted for the betterment of common farmers who had either lost their lands or freedom to slavery.All male were allowed to serve on juries but still there was control of wealthy people .Pericles allowed recruitment of all men to official posts and payments to these services.Arts and culture flourished under his era.The middle class demanded their rights and nobles provided them the guidance to the right path.The Greeks under this guidance excelled politically from Monarchy to Democracy and they reached the heights in Art and Sciences.

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