What Is The Full Form Of Commerce?


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Full form of commerce
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There is no full form of the term 'Commerce'. Commerce means a trade which involves buying and selling of goods which can be inside or outside the country. Commerce means when a commodity is traded for some other commodity which is usually in the terms of money. A simple trade between two entities is known as commerce.

Trade was started a long time ago during the evolution of man. Man used to use a system which was known as a barter system where a commodity was exchanged for another commodity. For example rice was traded for wheat and vice versa. A person had to travel far and wide looking for something that he wanted for what he wanted to exchange and also looking for a person who was ready to buy it.

Commerce evolved greatly along with time and many aids to trade were formed. Aids to trade involved advertising, transportation etc. A person had to advertise his products out in the open market so that people could get aware of the product and buy it if they found it to be useful.
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There is no full form of commerce

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