Which Is The City Which Has The Highest Altitude In The World?


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  Ven Chuan, which is located in China, is the city located at the highest altitude in the entire world. It is located at about 16730 feet above sea level. In other words, this city is situated at a height of about 3.2 miles which estimates to about 5.2 kilometers. From an analogical standpoint, the city's location is at an altitude, which is more than half of the height of the tallest mountain in the world, which is Mount Everest.

   People reside in this city as any other people in any other region of the world would live. The area is full of ancient rural regions, where the houses are hundreds of years old. The species of panda, which is swiftly reaching the phase of extinction, could be found in this part of the world. Scientists interested in studying the species of panda could conveniently do so in this part of the world. The city is located in the west of China. The province in which this city is located is spread over an area of 207340 square miles and the population of this province is about 94500000.

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