How Do I Take Care Of An Inside Hydrangea Plant?


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The most significant thing is to plant it in the right place whether it is place indoor or outdoor. Following are some tips in order to take good care of Hydrangea Plant.

• Hydrangeas should be placed in fractional shade and the place which provides filtered light will be best for such plants.

• Some light is necessary for the flowers in order to grow so put them in dark places but on other hand too much sun light can burn the ends of the leaves so a balance between sun and shade is essential.

• Hydrangeas need lot of water which helps in producing the big and gorgeous blossoms.

• However hydrangeas require sufficient amount of water therefore there should be a good drainage system. Damp soil is not good for Hydrangeas.

• In order to give balance water it is easy and good to have a drip irrigation method.

• The color of flowers mostly depends on the condition of the soil. Even if one purchases a pink hydrangea, if the soil is acidic, the plant will give blue blooms.

• Through soil modifications or amendments the plant can alter the color. Adding lime will make the flowers pink and the acid will make them blue.
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Potted Easter hydrangea. Only 3 days and already the flowers are drooping. What am I do wrong?

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