What Are Some Of The Major Causes Of Deforestation?


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There are a number of causes
-trees used for paper and lumber which is valuable
-land needed for urban development
- land needed for grazing
-trees need to be removed due to potential fire

- loss of habitat for animals
-loss pf plant species
-trees take up a lot of co2 in the atmosphere, no trees means no take up of co2
- soil errosion
-drier land as trees are a main part of the water cycle (transpiration)
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Deforestation is not a very favourable happening in any regard be it economic, commercial, industrial or environmental. Nevertheless this phenomenon does take place due to several factors such as the growing trend of urbanization, which is a direct effect of globalization. While on one hand, urbanization has facilitated the lives of many, on the other hand, it is becoming a great cause of deforestation, which is a huge disadvantage in itself. Secondly, industries need a lot of timber for carrying their operations and for that purpose they chop trees that directly leads to deforestation. Farming is another cause of deforestation as for farming, a piece of land is required, which is obtained by deforestation. Another cause of deforestation is indirectly related to the trend of industrialization. In this age of industrialization, fuel is immensely necessary to carry on operations, which in turn, requires wood that is obtained by deforestation. Another cause of deforestation, which is also a repercussion of urbanization is the building of roads to cater to the growing population, which is not only contributing towards pollution but also making the environment more prone to ecological danger. These were some of the major factors that contribute towards deforestation.
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Farming situated near the tropical rain forest can affect the ecosystem adversely
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Some causes of deforestation are agriculture, logging industries, and fuel wood collections. I think they should stop some of these or all of them or try.

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