What Are Some Major Uses Of Salts?


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We use many different salts for a multitude of different purposes. Photography is one activity which depends on a salt, the salt silver bromide. There are many other applications for salts. A few examples are given below.

1. Agricultural uses: Ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate are used as fertilizers. Copper (II) sulphate solution is sued on vines and potatoes to kill pests.

2. Domestic Uses: sodium carbonate-10-water is "washing soda" used as a water softener.

3. Medical uses: Calcium sulphate is mined as calcium sulphate-2-water. When heated it forms calcium sulphate-1/2-water. This is plaster of Paris. It combines with water to form a strong material which is used to supports broken bones. It is also used for plastering walls. Iron (II) sulphate-7-water is given in the form of "iron tablets" to people who suffer from anaemia. Barium sulphate is given to patients who are suspected to giving a stomach ulcer. After a "barium meal", an X-ray shows the path taken by the salt. Being large, barium ions give good X-ray photographs.

Industrial Uses: anhydrous calcium chloride is used as a drying agent. Sodium chloride has many uses most importantly it is used as a table salt. Moreover its rock salt is spread on icy roads to melt the ice.

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