What Are Some Of The Solutions To The Problems That Are Caused By Deforestation?


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Although there are solutions to the problems caused by deforestation, nevertheless those solutions cost a great deal of money and an even greater magnitude of efforts. But the repercussions of deforestations are even costlier and more damaging to the environment, which is why these solutions are worth all the resources (monetary and human) that are spent on them. One solution to this problem could be to ensure a smooth supply of irrigation facilities to the areas that are deforested with the aegis of effective implementation of regeneration programs. The plan should outline those trees, which grow very fast so as to regain the greenery of the land in the shortest possible time. In the case of the growing need of fuel wood, this could be dealt by with the strategy of reserving a specific piece of land for the growth of fuel wood while the remaining area of the land should not be deforested and hence the trees on the remaining area of the land would be saved. Another solution to this problem would be the effort of rising awareness amongst the general public through messages on behalf of the government or non-governmental agencies and other community activists about the perils of deforestation. In addition to that, a culture of raising nurseries and planting trees should be encouraged so that the deforested areas gain back their erstwhile glory.

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