What Are Some Ways To Limit Soil Erosion In Pakistan?


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According to my point of view,if we increase the forests then it can hold a large amount of soil  by trees root.
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In Pakistan, there are some specific ways to encumber soil erosion and all of those methods are directly or indirectly related to forestry. For example the plantation of fruit trees on downward slopes could not only be a source of food for the local residents nearby but would also provide its contribution in protecting the soil from eroding in a much better and more effective way than deforested slopes could accomplish. Moreover there are few other ways to restrict if not completely eliminate the prospect of soil erosion. These methods are inclusive of terracing, contour ploughing and strip farming. For instance, in terracing the steps are divided into hillsides that are steep in nature. These resulting flat terraces are edged around by mud walls or stone walls, which transform the terrace into an enclosed space, which holds back the water as well as the soil. Another method is contour ploughing, in which the pattern of plantation is parallel to the plants that are already present on the hillside. Then comes strip farming that involves two or more crop that grow in the same field. The crop that grows taller provides a canopy for the shorter crop and much sounder ground to prevent soil erosion.

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