What Are Some Strategies To Increase Exports In Pakistan?


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There is a huge and severe need to increase exports in Pakistan, which could further contribute towards decrease the deficit in the balance of payments. Firstly the export of value-added goods could be a suitable strategy to increase the demand of Pakistani goods in the international market, which would motivate the local producers to export their goods. Secondly the development of cottage industries and small and medium enterprises (SME's) is something that could lead to the growth of the economy as well as growth of the exports as it would give Pakistan a chance to introduce its local specialities in the international market. Thirdly, the reduction of export taxes on behalf of the government could encourage exporters to export more goods to the international market.

Moreover the establishment of organizations, which promote Pakistani exports and organize the development of the Pakistan export market (like the Export Promotion Bureau) would be a huge help to the export market of Pakistan. Lastly strict quality control should be ensured along with the entrenchment of standardization in products, something that would increase the demand of Pakistani exports and would also enhance Pakistan's reputation in the international market.

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