How To Convert Coal Into Electricity?


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Electricity from coal is generated when coal is burned. Thus heat energy is converted to electricity. Now there are various processes by which coal energy is converted to electricity.

Firstly a machine called "pulverizer" grinds the coal into fragments and powder. Then by mixing it with hot air the coal burns efficiently. Then it is moved to a furnace. Spinning turbines transforms the heat energy produced by the coal into mechanical energy. This energy is used to power a generator. In the generator there is a copper coil in the generator spin which converts the mechanical energy into electricity. Thus coal is converted into electricity.

With improvement in science and technology many new researches are taking place to use coal more efficiently.
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Coal is used to generate electricity as a fuel for combustion by setting it on fire. The fire heats up water. This water produces steam and the pressure turns the turbines. After this the same process continues as does for most electricity generation.
There is chemical energy in the coal. As this burns it produces heat energy to transform the water into steam and from then the pressure is kinetic/movement energy. Basically a turning turbine uses the kinetic energy to pass on and convert into electrical energy with an energy transformer.
(Energy can not be created nor destroyed, only transformed.)
In simpler terms you could also turn a turbine with your hand and produce kinetic energy.

=) Hope it helps.
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