What Are The Communication Channels?


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Channels could be defined as,
'The channel is simply the physical by which the signal is transmitted. The main channels are light wave, sound wave, radio wave, telephone cable, the nervous system and the like'.
It means that we can consider the mass media methods in respect of channels.

Channels could be defined like this as well,
'To convey ideas and opinions by personal or face to face contact'.

Personal or face to face methods cannot reach every one who want and need information so communication through mass media is used to reach large number of people quickly.
The channel mass media methods are particularly useful in making large number of people aware of new ideas and practices to alerting them to sudden emergencies.

Following are the types of communication for which channels are used to communicate.
1. Intra personal communication.
In this one talk to him self, this communication system allows one to make decisions based on information received through five senses. In this type of communication five senses are channels.

2. Interpersonal communication.
When we communicate face to face with others is inter personal communication. In this senses, sight, sound, touch, taste or smell etc are the communication channels.

3. Micro communication.
Small group communication or micro communication is a form between large groups. We can gives its example as class room discussion, group discussion and forum etc. its channels will be, micro phone, voice etc.

4. Macro communication.
It is also known as mass communication, it is the process of delivering information, ideas and attitudes to a sizeable audiences through use of media developed for that purpose. Its channels will be,

1. Print media.
This media involves.
1. news papers
2. wall chalking
3. black boards
4. folders
5. pamphlets
6. posters
7. White boards. Etc.
2. Audio visual media.
This media involves.
1. Radio.
2. Audio cassettes.
3. Televisions.
4. Project visuals.
5. Slides, film strips.
6. Computer, internet.
3. Static media.
This media involves.
1. Exhibitions.
2. Displays. Etc.
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All communications regardless of its directional flow, uses one or more of the three channels of communication that is writing, speaking to a group and speaking to a person.

Communication within these channels may vary from formal to informal and from domineering to passive. Nevertheless each channel has certain inherent characteristics. Sometimes you do not choose the channel, you must write obviously if you are told to answer certain letters or to write a report. Even if you do not make the strategic choice whether to write or speak if it has been decided for you, think about the characteristics of each channel so that you can overcome any possible weaknesses in your communication.

In other cases your analysis of the organization will dictate your channel choice. In a hierarchical organization for instance you would probably write instead of dropping by the president's office. In an informal corporate culture you might talk to someone in the hall instead of writing. Finally in some cases you might have to decide which channel to use. In these cases choose the most appropriate channel according to the situation. First of all consider the three channels in terms of time. So consider all of the relevant points before deciding which one is the best channel for your communication.
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Television, radio, internet

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