Can You Explain Bounded Media Of Communication Channels?


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The path through which data is transmitted from one place to another is called channel. It is also known as communication media or transmission media. In bounded media, communications devices are directly connected with each other by using some physical media like wires. Some examples of bounded media for communication wire pairs, coaxial cable and fiber optics. Wire pair is one of the most commonly media. Wire pair is usually made up of copper. The pair of wires is twisted together. It is normally used in local telephone communication. It is used for short distance digital data communication. It is also called twisted pair.

Coaxial cable consists of a copper wire core covered by insulating material. The insulated copper wire is covered by copper mesh. It protects the cable from electromagnetic waves. It is the same cable that is used for television. It is used for long-distance telephone lines and local area networks. Fiber optics is also known as light pulse media. It uses binary pulse media. It uses binary method of data transfer. A fiber is made up of a thin glass fiber. It is thinner than a human hair. Data transfer rate of fiber optics is very fast. There is no chance of data loss. The advantage of fiber optic is that data only has to be converted into light because it already in binary form.

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