What Are The Main Types Of Communication Channels?


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There are many ways of determining the different types of communication channels around - it really depends on context.

Types of communication channels
For example, if you're interested in the media side of communication, you might see the following as three key means of communication:

  • internet
  • telephone
  • television

However, from a sociological point of view, communication might simply be divided along the lines of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Even specific types of communication, such as verbal communication, can be further broken down into sub-sections like oral communication and written communication.

Basically, any scenario where information is shared can constitute a 'channel' of communication.

Everything from handing out flyers to creating a Pinterest account might be seen as engaging in a form of communication, and thus 'channeling' information.

In terms of computer networking and telecommunications, a 'channel' of communication is defined as a means of transferring information. Therefore, everything from a bit-stream through to a wire might be considered an important channel of communication.
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There are two types of communication: 1. Guided media 2. Unguided media

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