What Are The Risks Of Living Near A Volcano?


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The volcano may erupt anytime, causing mass destruction to vegetation, villages and might even kill people. People have to constantly stay alert at all times in case the volcano erupts without warning. When the volcano erupts, ash will create a thin blanket of grey over the villages and cause people to have breathing difficulties like asthma. Ash might also blot out the sun's rays and plants will not be able to phosynthesise, which will result in death of vegetation. Temperatures may also drop due to lack of sunlight. Risks of living near a volcano are high.
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Staying near Volcanoes may prove to be dangerous especially in the modern days when people indulge in deforestation for human settlements. The risks in staying near a volcano may be dangerous or fatal up to a certain extent, due to volcanic eruption. Scientists have stated that volcanic eruption can be of two types. The first type of eruption is 'explosive volcanic eruption.' In this type of eruption, the lava explodes and goes high up in the air bringing in colossal damage in its vicinity. This type of eruption was seen in Mount Saint Helens, where the lava exploded heavily causing it to rise high in the catastrophic eruption of the year 1980. The other type is known as effusive volcanic eruption. In this type of eruption, the lava is in the form of fluid that flows freely and reaches different areas. This type of eruption was recorded in Hawaii.

There are much more information that you can get from internet. You can also check on www.pbs.org for relevant information.
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Living near a volcano especially an active one is quite dangerous,as it cause billions of dollars of damage. Volcanoes release gases from earth's interior,creating a second atmosphere,however is not breathable by humans.large ash falls bury towns and villages,block out sunlight and there are falling debris,thick and suffocating dust.it could destroy livestock lifes,property or even us.
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Volcanoes are the mountains which are supposed to be accountable for earthquakes on earth. So, they are always disastrous and dangerous for all. Maybe a volcano is not an active one but still it is disastrous in one way or the other.

Living near a volcano is a big risk because you are supposed to have a hot spot near you round the clock. You must be feeling scared due to this issue. It is better to be alert all the time. May be it starts erupting at ant moment? Its eruption must have hot stuff and gases too. Both are potentially very dangerous. It may cause damage to life and property. That is a real threat of an earthquake due to volcanism. If you still think that living near volcano is safe then you need some more justifications too. It is better to be careful but prevention is always better than care. So it is better to avoid living near hot spots.
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The risks of living near a volcano is lives and property being destroyed. Living near a hot spot is very dangerous.
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Even though a volcano can be dormant it can still erupt anytime damaging vegetation,causing landslide and mudslides,it could erupt and damage its surroundings.People live near volcanoes because of the rich soil and beautiful view
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Because volcanoes rocks are rich in minerals
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It erupt anytime and burn down your house, trees which we need oxygen from , animals which we get our food from ,and crops which we also get food from

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