How Do People Adapt To The Risks Of Living Near Volcanoes?


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There are few adaptations that people can make when they live near volcanoes, and this is for two basic reasons.

How do people adapt to living near a volcano?
  • Attempting to make adaptions to deal with volcanoes (such as defence measures) would certainly be futile. The destructive force of a volcano would be able to wipe out or bury any protective barriers or similar measures that man could construct.
  • Most volcanos do not erupt frequently, and therefore it is not financially viable for the people of the region or a state to invest large sums of money in volcano defence measures.
  • Volcanos usually give plenty of warning before they erupt. Normally, an eruption will be preceded by a few weeks or months of earthquakes and other geological activity. Therefore, any evacuations or emergency measures can be put in place before the eruption occurs.
  • The only adaptions that people could make would be to watch for any signs of geological activity, and to have some sort of evacuation plan ready to carry out just in case.
Although people living near volcanos will adapt their lives because of this danger, not many worthwhile adaptions can be made to deal with eruptions.
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There are no adaptations for living near a volcano.

People are able to live near a volcano because most volcanoes only erupt once every few thousands of years so an eruption may not occur in their lifetime.

People live near a volcano because lava is a very good source of fertilizer and therefore crops grow well there.

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