What Is The Difference Between CHARGE & MASS ?


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Difference between charge and mass are

charges are of two types negative and positive, where as mass in only one kind.

The force of the charge is both attractive and repulsive where as mass is only attractive.

Charge appears to be quantized whereas mass appears not to be quantized.

electric force is mediated by photons, which don’t themselves carry charge where as mass is mediated by gravitons which do themselves carry energy.

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  1. Charge is of two types, mass is only of one kind
  2. There are two types of forces (attraction and repulsion) between charges, but there is only one kind (attraction) between masses
  3. Charge is quantized, but quantization of mass is not established so far
  4. Charge has SI unit coulomb, the SI unit of mass is kg
  5. Charge is conserved, but mass alone is not conserved (Mass + Energy is conserved)
  6. Charge cannot exist without a mass, but mass can exist without a net charge

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Mass=scalarweight=vector(have direction)weight=mass x acce. Due to gravityyou can read more from en.wikipedia.orgthese are the types of charge:Charge (engine), the air and/or fuel mixture being fed to an internal combustion engineCharge (physics), the susceptibility of a body to one of the fundamental forcesColor charge, a property of quarks and gluons, related to their strong interactionsElectric charge, a property which determines the electromagnetic interaction of subatomic particlesMagnetic charge, a property of theoretical magnetic monopolesCHARGE syndrome, a specific set of birth defects in childrenExplosive charge, a measured quantity of explosive materialSigned measure, in mathematics, a generalization of the concept of a measure that is allowed to have negative values
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That they talk about diffrent things and at Mass you have a Preist that prays and you say stuff and do candles and Charge is just driffrent

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