What Are Metal Salts?


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  • Metal Salts
Iron Sulphate is an example of a metal salt. Iron sulphate has the chemical compound of FeSO4and is often seen in the form of bright green crystals.

Amichem is a company that specializes in metal salts and says that these are salts that are made from Virgin Metals. They deal with nickel sulphamate, Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Cobalt Chloride, Copper Sulphate and Cobalt Sulphate.

  • What is salt?
Salt is a mineral that is often known as either table salt or rock salt and it is mainly made up from sodium chloride. The chemical formula for sodium chloride is NaCl. Salt is essential to our daily lives, not only as we use it to season and preserve our food, but also because we need a small amount of salt in the body to live healthily. Salt is used by the body to regulate the water content and for electrical signalling in the nervous system.

  • Adverse effects of salt
It is important that we do not consume too much salt as it can have adverse effects on the body and lead to medial conditions such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. Too much salt has also been known to lead to cardiovascular disease, fluid retention and strokes.

Salt comes in many different forms and is mostly seen as refined salt, particularly in our food and everyday usage. Manufacturing salt was one of the first industries to use chemicals, salt was obtained by evaporating seawater and collecting the salt that was left over. Salt would also be removed from salt lakes once the water from the lake had evaporated.
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All salts are actually made from metal. One example is table salt (sodium chloride.)
The metal in table salt is sodium.
Another example is calcium chloride.
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