How Big Is Your Intestines?


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There are two parts to the intestines:

The small intestines; and
The large intestines.

This differentiation is because of the difference in their lumen diameter. The diameter of the small intestines is about 2.5-3cm and its length is about 20 to 23 feet. It is grayish-purple in appearance. It consists of the duodenum, jejunum and ileum.
On the other hand, the large intestine is dark reddish in color and has a diameter of about 6.3 cm. It is about five feet long. The large intestine extends from the ileum to the anus.

So, the total length of the intestines, in an adult, is from 25 to 27 feet. Imagine how many of your friends can lie head to toe with  each other to make the same length? And then think that all of this length is bundled up so neatly inside you that even with a perfectly flat tummy you have 25 feet of material housed inside!!! Point to ponder, no?
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Your large intestine is up to 4m long but the small intestine (the coiled up one) is 2.5m long.
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