What Are The Parts Of A Computer And Their Definition?


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You will find some great and very detailed diagrams of all the parts of the computer and what their respected functions are at the following websites:
Most computers are comprised of the following parts:

• Monitor
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Tower
• Hard drive

Computers have become a vital part of everyday life and are used in nearly all businesses, schools, colleges and in the home. It is actually rather difficult to complete a day without using a computer.

Therefore if you are wishing to learn more about computers and how to use them then it is certainly worth doing. You can either take one of many courses or you could simply ask a computer-literate person you know to help talk you through how to do certain tasks.

Everyone had to learn once and so you shouldn't be afraid of asking for help or feeling like you should already know how to do it. You will find it is rather easy to pick up once you get past any jargon or the fear that if you hit the wrong key everything will disappear.

Many people have now turned to laptops and tablets for their main computer needs as the desktop computer is too large and immobile. The most modern laptops can now be even more powerful than a desktop computer and with the introduction of the very versatile tablets such as the iPad it could soon spell the end for the once very popular desktop.

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