Can You Describe Sexual Reproduction In Fungi?


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Sexual reproductions vary in different groups of fungi but fusion of haploid nuclei and meiosis are common to all.

Coming together of hyphae:
When fungi reproduce sexually hyphae of two genetically different but compatible mating types come together.

Plasmogamy and karyogamy:
First of all their cytoplasm fuse and process is called is followed by fusion of nuclei called karyogamy.

In two of the three main groups of fungi (Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes), karyogamy does not take place immediately after the plasmogamy; instead the two genetic types of haploid nuclei from two individuals may coexist and divide in the same hyphae for most of the life of the fungus. Such a fungal hypha having two nuclei of different genetic types is called dikaryotic cell.

Zygote formation
Plasmogamy and karyogamy ultimately leads to the formation of zygote.

Spore formation:
Different group of fungi produce different types of haploid sexual spores, such as basidiospores and ascospores, formed by meiosis in zygote.

Spore germination.
Spore germinates and grows into new mycelia.
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It has the following stages  plasmogamy : The process in which the two protoplast (cytoplasm with out cell wall ) of two compatible hyphae mingle together in the same cell  karyogamy : The haploid nuclei of the two protoplasts combined in the plasmogamy now fuse together i.e fusion takes place and zygote is formed.  Mieosis: Trough this phase the chromosome are reduced from diploid to haploid .
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I think it occurs by a spreading of spores that drift through the air landing and female fungi, there fore causing reproduction.
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You have sexual and asexual reproduction among fungi. The sexual (perfect, miotic) is known as telemorph. The asexual (imperfect, mitotic) is known as anamorph. Many fungi can reproduce sexual and asexual, but most are one or the other.

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