What Is Creatinine?


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Creatinine is said to be the breakdown of the certain creatine phosphate in the muscles and is produced in a constant rate by the body, however the creation of Creatine in the body depends on the muscle mass. Creatinine is majorly filtered by the kidneys; a small amount of creatine is actively secreted. The absorption of creatine ranges from little to nothing at all, the reabsorption of Creatinine is known as the 'tubular reabsorption'.

It is said that Men have higher levels of Creatinine in their body, because they have more skeletal muscles than their female counter parts.
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Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in the body located primarily in skeletal muscle tissue. Although most of the creatine found in the body is contained in skeletal muscles, it must first be metabolized by the liver and then transported to the skeletal muscles where it can be used.

Creatine is required for energy balance and the execution of movements. Any movement requires energy in the form of ATP. When all sources of ATP have been exhausted - the muscles are no longer able to contract and your body stops working. Creatine is required to restore ATP, so the more creatine in muscle cells - the longer you'll be able to exercise.

Creatine supplement is used to increase muscle mass and strength, and has the following functions:

Additional source of energy for muscle contraction

Increases the size of muscle cells due to increased hydration

May act as a buffer for lactic acid, which causes the "burning" feeling in the muscles

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