What Are The Major Differences Between Experimental Research And Co-relational Research?


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In the general scenario, there exist a host of differences between the theory and implementation of experimental research and correlational research, which could be classified under the dimensions of general process, intended results and their respective sub-categories. In the case of general process, correlational research involves the observation of a researcher of a previously present situation nevertheless there is no intervention from the researcher.

While in experimental research, the researcher manipulates the situation and checks the result of the initial manipulation. As for intended result, correlation research is concerned with the identification of associations between two or more factors while experimental research deals with the learning of how changes in one factor affect the other one. Correlational research has four types namely archival research, naturalistic observation, survey research and case study. As for experimental research, its only and exclusive type is experiment, which forms the entire gist of experimental research.
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A correlational research is used to determine a relationshiponship btw a pair of measure applied to the same individual. The researcher simply records the viewing without having influenced any of the variables.  What he seeks to find is the relation btw the two variables.his helps predict and select behaviour.The research tactic could be based on 2 or more variables.  The problem with correlational research is that findings are inconclusive and one canno determine causaity.or effect.The compexitity to this is that a third variable may be employed to show causation.
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