What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Experimental Research?


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There are many advantages and disadvantages of experimental research. The advantages and disadvantages in any research are usually subjective as one cannot claim that an advantage in one experiment will also be an advantage in another experiment.

Experimental research is seen as true research by many scientists. This is where there are different versions of the same situation and each time the experiment is done, one variable is different. This will show what the differences are in the reactions of the subjects and also allow the scientist to work out what they feel is the best and therefore the deciding factor in the experiment results.

There are some people who feel that the human input is a disadvantage in these studies as humans do always have their own thoughts and can manipulate the results. There is also another thought that testing on humans is also a disadvantage as you cannot tell whether their answers or reactions are true or a show for the experiment.

Advantages of experimental research.

  • Insight into methods of instruction.
  • Researcher has control and ability to change experiment if the answers are inconclusive, this allows for less time wasting in experiments.
  • Humans perform other kinds of experiments anyway so the human input should not be an issue.
Disadvantages of experimental research.

  • Uses casual relationships that may be bias.
  • Scientist manipulates values so they may not be making a completely objective experiment.
  • People can be influenced by what they see around them and may give answers that they think the researcher wants to hear rather than how they think and feel on a subject.
Although there are many different ways that experimental research can be looked at, the subjects should not show any difference in reactions as they do in other kinds of research and many scientists see this as something that should not be classed as an advantage or a disadvantage
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The basic advantage is that it establish the cause and effect relation between variables.
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Gain insight into methods of instruction .
Intuitive practice shaped by research .
Teachers have bias but can be reflective .
Humans perform experiments anyway

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