What Are The General Characteristics Of Bryophytes?


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First land plants
The first land plants to colonize land were the bryophytes.They is generally thought to have evolved from green algae.

Adaptation and Habitat
The bryophytes are poorly adapted to life on land and are mainly confined to damp shady places.

No conducting tissues
These are devoid of specialized conducting and strengthening tissues.
Diffusion for transportation of materials:
Only the process of diffusion helps in the transportation of water and minerals as well as in transportation of prepared food and other substance.

The plant body is with a proper cuticle, without cuticle or has very thin one.

Water absorption
The water is absorbed by the general surface of the plant.

Amphibian Plants
The bryophytes are said to be the amphibians of the plants because they do not live

without water.

They are flowerless.

Alternation of generation
These plants show a regular alternation of heteromorphic (morphologically different) generations.

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