What Causes Brain Excitement?


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The human brain is probably the most intriguing part of the complex human anatomy. The coordination of the different parts of the body is the result of the smooth functioning of the various 'regions' of the brain. The position, size and most importantly, the functionality of each region, in a way, defines its importance. Though, no region can actually be called the 'most important'. The human brain gets excited or reacts to external stimuli. Our reactions to the inherent feelings of fear, awe and elatedness 'excites' the brain, resulting in reactions that are strongly identified with.

The working of the brain is the collective functioning of neurons that are separated by a gap called synapse. When a neuron 'communicates' with another neuron, what it dopes is release chemicals known as neuro-transmitters. These neuro-transmitters travel across the gap or synapse, to the next neuron. In this way, the neurotransmitters stimulate each other towards the resultant 'action'. All this happens very fast and results in starting muscular activities, creating memories, recalling facts and reacting to danger. In fact, anything the brain controls requires these electrical impulses that travel between the neurons. This consistent flow of the impulses and the resultant reactions are what we externally read as excitement.
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The excitement of the brain is caused mainly due to the release of a hormone called 'adrenalin' released by the adrenal gland on the upper part of the kidneys. As the content of the hormone gets more & more the person will be more excited for everything. This will in long term causes health problems.
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With this energy, is it like a short organism just for the brain? They last a few seconds and go up until there is a release of some sort. Whatever it is, it only happens when I get really excited about something. It could be anything. (My favorite show is on… a quick happy thought...) OH and I have to tense up my hands to help with the releasing of the energy. Is this the same hormone?
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Research indicates that a human brain escalates the developing process when a person is in his or her early twenties. During this period if the brain is exposed to alcohol or any other toxic item, its effect will last for a long time on the person's thinking. This is one of the reasons which can lead to brain excitement. The survey says that majority of people suffers from Epilepsy. A person may suffer from Epilepsy due to various other reasons like head injury, bacterial effect, birth defect, inflammation of fever etc.

There are various reasons of brain excitement. Our emotions, thoughts, sensations, personality, and movement are functioned by flickering movement of ions through the nerve cell membrane. The 'ion channel' is essential for this movement. Radiation from mobile phones also increases the level of excitement in our brain.
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Hi,cause the brain excited is by what we see, and listen, it depends on the character of people and thought,anyway human being would have excitement which is a kind of our reflection that effect us, make us feel excitement like like : surprise, terrible etc.but getting a lot of it is not good for the health, actually we need quiet and calm for our natural alive.

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