Where Are The Respiratory Centers Located In Brain?


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Yes, respiratory centers are located in the medulla and the pons.
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In the human anatomy, the brain is without a doubt, the most complex. This organ takes care of all the complex co-ordination between perception and limb. The human brain functions through the defined co-ordination within the various regions it can be bifurcated into. Each of these regions performs a specific function that is unique and very important. One such region of the brain is the respiratory center.

The respiratory centers are also referred to in medial science as the pons. They house the cranial nerves and are located below the mid-brain. The respiratory centers are an important part of the brain stem. They perform important functions such as:
- They are trigeminal. They control the skin of the face, tongue, teeth and the muscle of mastication.
- They control the lateral rectus eye muscle.
- They control and co-ordinate the facial muscles of expression.
- They control the functioning of the internal auditory passage.

The respiratory centers or pons are responsible for many complex functions within the human anatomy. Damage to this region, or in fact, any region of the brain stem could render a person paraplegic for life or may even result in death. The respiratory centers of the brain dictate the movements that are a part of routine interactions and literally, taken for granted.
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I do believe the medulla and pons are both responsible for the respiratory system ( with breathing)

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