What Causes A Hole In The Brain?


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Having a hole in your brain is a pretty serious problem, and can be caused by a number of things.

Firing a bullet at someone's head, for example, would cause a rather significant hole to appear!

Obvious causes aside, you may be interested to find out that a host of everyday things that you consume could also be creating tiny holes in your brain.

These holes can lead to brain damage and, in extreme circumstances, even death!

Are you destroying your brain? Believe it or not, everyday things that you consume might be creating holes in your cranium.

Things to watch out for include:

  • Nicotine (from cigarettes)
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
Whilst all of the above are commonly linked with a variety of health problems, psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen of the University of California claims to have found evidence that regularly consuming the afore-mentioned substances leaves you at serious risk of developing 'holes' in your brain.

Holes in your brain According to the high-tech research conducted by Dr. Amen, consuming harmful substances on a regular basis can cause blood-flow to certain areas of your brain to become restricted.
If you were to chart the blood-flow in a person's brain, you'd find that the brain-scan of a person who drinks a lot of coffee and smokes regularly shows lots of black holes in the brain.

Whilst it might not be a big shock that caffeine and nicotine can cause brain damage, you may be surprised to learn the extent of this damage.

Dr. Amen suggests that a regular coffee and cigarette habit could actually be worse for your brain that illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy!

Check out the Daily Maily website for pictures related to Dr. Amen's research.

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It's just a figure of speech! If someone has a hole in their brain, it means their intelligence fell out.

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