What Will A Baby Of Asian And Italian Parents Look Like?


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Firstly, the key to answering this question is the definition of the term 'Asian', which will mean different things to different people.

In the United States, the term 'Asian' generally refers to people of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Filipino heritage, or people from any country in Eastern Asia.

On the other hand, In the United Kingdom the term 'Asian' is used to denote someone whose ethnic background originates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or other South Asian countries.

These days it is quite difficult to accurately label how the 'typical' physical traits of a specific country's gene-pool are likely to manifest. This is mainly due to the fact that we no longer live in a world where travelling to another country means perilously setting sail towards the uncharted.

Since those days, we have managed to do more than map the world. There have been trade routes spanning the length and breadth of the world, empires that have stretched from one continent to the other, and migration, emigration and immigration that have further contributed to the blending of ethnicities and gene-pools.

Taking the history of Italy as an example, the Roman empire not only spread the culture and government of the Italian peninsula; it also brought slaves, soldiers, and tradesmen from all over the world back to Italy. Both the Greek and the Islamic empires also reached Italian shores and both are especially pertinent to the ethnicity of Sicily and the south, whilst the north of Italy has links to the Germanic tribes of the Lombards.

Having said all that, there are certain physical traits that we can use as generalizations, because they are more commonly found amongst the populations of certain countries. For example, we wouldn't be surprised to see someone from Sweden born with fair skin and blue eyes, whilst these traits would be very unusual in someone of Japanese descent.

The other complication that occurs in trying to predict the appearance of a child of any race is the very nature of genetics itself.

As a science, genetics is viewed as a collection of probabilities and percentages, where nothing is certain, and where mutations can throw unforeseen possibilities into the mix. The way a geneticist would look at someone's physical appearance is as a series of traits that have been selected at random from a pool contributed to by a mother and father. Based on this, it would be impossible to say for certain how someone would be likely to look, even if you had exact photos of the mother and father.

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